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A-Leum Lee

- GaGok(listed on UNESCO), GaSa, SiJo ; JeongGa

- National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 30, A Master of GaGok

2010-2012 Korean National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 41, Ga-Sa Scholarship Student

Graduated from the Department of Korean Traditional Music, Seoul National University (an admission scholarship)

•  Lee A-Leum studied Gagok, Gasa, and Sijo at Seoul National University and is currently a master of Gagok of National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 30. She considers succession and creation to be the growth structure of circulation. She is a traditional vocalist who constantly attempts creative experiments in the midst of grappling with penetrating the essence of Jeong-ga.


- 2022 Seoul PEACE CULTURE BUNKER <時•詩> / Planning, Jeong-ga

- 2021 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Art Creative Activities Selection <Space of poetry> / Planning, Music, Jeong-ga

- 2020 Arko Selection, Repertoire of the Year, <Anxiety> (21-23 August, 3 performances) / Planning, Music, Jeong-ga
- 2020 Art Campaign, Hope with Arts <Lee A-Leum> / Jeong-ga
- 2019 Haenghwatang <Lee A-Leum’s Jung-Ga, Anxiety> / Planning, Music, Jeong-ga
- 2018 Buyeo National Museum <Lee A-Leum’s Goryeo Song> / Music, Jeong-ga
- 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Figure Skating Competition <Hello, Jeong-Ga> / Jeong-ga
- 2018 Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics <Our Songs from Female Singers ‘Hello, Jung-Ga, Lee 
A-Leum’> / Music, Jeong-ga
- 2017 Gyeongbokgung Palace Geunjeongmun <Heart Pounding Palace Concert, ‘Hello Jung-Ga,
Lee A-Leum’> / Music, Jeong-ga
- 2017 Space Seoro, Byeolnansolipan <Lee A-Leum’s Jung-Ga ‘Improvised Music Experiment’> (10-11 January, 2 performances) / Music, Jeong-ga
- 2016 Culture Day Youth Mike <Hello, Jung-Ga, Lee A-Leum> (June-October, 5 performances) / Music, Jeong-ga
- 2015 Salon Nomad <Hello, Jung-Ga, Lee A-Leum> Recital / Planning, Jeong-ga
- 2015 Bukchon Naknak <Lee A-Leum's Female Ga-Gok> / Jeong-ga

- 2015 Representative of Hello, Jung-Ga


- 2021 <Space of poetry> album release

- 2020 <Lee Aleum Pyeong-Nong 2020> single release

- 2019 <A Song for Us> single release
- 2019 <Lee Aleum’s Jung-Ga> regular album release
- 2018 <Bunch of Yellow> single release
- 2017 <Wind Light> single release
- 2016 <Cutting My Heart>, <Blow Love> single release


- 2013-2021 Traditional music instructor at the Arte

- 2014-2021 Jung-Ga lecturer at Korea National Traditional Arts High Schoo


- The 26th Dong-A Gugak Concours, General Division Silver Prize
- The 14th National Gugak Contest, Korea Culture and Tourism Minister’s Award, Grand Prize in 

Si-Jo Category 
- The 20th Dong-A Gugak Concours, Student Division Gold Prize
- The Third Jongno Korea National Traditional Music Contest, Silver Prize in Jung-Ga Category
- The First TJB Daejeon Broadcasting, Korea National Student Gugak Contest, Grand Prize
- 2003 Chung-Ang University, Korea National High School Traditional Music Contest, Silver Prize 
in Ga-Gok Category

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