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2020 Arko Selection, Repertoire of the Year (21-23 August)

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A space of anxiety, a slow-moving performance of creative Jeong-Ga and a performer 
expressing anxiety in it



        Why do people pursue happiness? Why do people seek out music that appeals to their 
        Probably, few people would have thought about when the word happiness originated. In 
a person’s psyche, there will be an anxiety that fears unhappiness and violence behind 
it. Anxiety is the same psychology as a friend that has existed since birth. There are 
theories that the etymology of this word is a neologism coined in Japan in the 1860s and 
that if approaching it in English from an Indo-European perspective, it is ‘to suck (the 
mother’s milk).’ In other words, the word ‘being fortunate’ that protected something 
from certain anxiety is older than the word happiness. If the ‘being fortunate’ 
psychology was shared in life before the modern and present period not to be taken 
away from: to protect and survive, in the modern era, people pursue the non-existent 
pleasure of ‘happiness’ as living a relatively indestructible life. 
        Thus, people find temporary pleasure in the appealing music that stimulates and stirs 
their emotions, and the unsatisfied, anxious psychology continues. Looking at this from 
a different point of view, the human ancestors would have brainwashed the psychology 
of ‘anxiety’ into survivors’ cells to survive. Then, ‘anxiety’ can be interpreted as positive 
psychology for survival. I accepted the psychology of ‘anxiety’ positively and expressed 
it with music as usual.

        What is art? Art that just stirs people’s emotions and makes people feel joy, anger, 
sorrow, and pleasure would be great, but I genuinely believe that the act of containing a 
‘message’ that makes each other know and feel the truth that society has overlooked 
and ignored has its own value and meaning, even if it is a voice of a few, it is art needed 
in this era.
        There is no love or parting in the music I create and the music I want to make. The 
message I hope to convey is just to deliver the heart to embrace the darkness of life and 
live somehow to those in the blind spot of society, who do not belong anywhere like me, 
and who need comfort in life.

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