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Time & Poetry

시 시
2022. 11. 15 17:00
​Peace Culture Bunker


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● Program

1. Sib-i Nangan - Shim Young-gyeong (Joseon dynasty, King Gojong, seven letter poetry) 

2. Buk-du-chil-sung - Unknown 

3. Dal-eun Ban-man - Unknown 

4. Im-sul-ji - Sodongpa (China) 

5. Moran-eun - Kim Su-jang (Joseon dynasty, King Sukjong, King Yeongjo) 

6. Ban-dit-bul - Yun Dong-ju (1917-1945) 

7. Byol-he-nun Bam - Yun Dong-ju (1917-1945)

○ Slow and fast are two sides. If you spend time swiftly, the world is fast, and if you spend time slowly, the world is relaxed. Behind it, it encompasses the principle that if you pass the time quickly, you can see the world slower, and if you pass the time slowly, you can see the world faster. What does ‘passing the time slowly’ mean to modern people? With this in mind, this project took a closer look at slowness and fastness. Not everyone could enjoy the decision-making power that sped up and slowed down the speed. It isn’t easy to specify whether this is an aspect of difference, a perspective of diversity, or a difference in economic level. Still, I have decided to keep several views open. Accordingly, in this project, Lee A-Leum, who plays slow music, and Heo Dong-hyeok, who plays electronic music, collaborate to contemplate the other side of slowness and fastness and fill time • poetry with the ultimate goal of expanding the possibilities of expression by articulating each perspective in a balanced way based on poetry.

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