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3pm. Sat. 11. 3. 2023. Museum Theater / The 1184th Saturday Performance

Why Don't You Take a Break 2023

“Why Don’t You Take a Break” is a performance that encompasses every Korean Folk Song from UNESCO designated genres to rare cultural properties. Pansori Danga Sacheolga(Song of Four Seasons) that expresses the vanity of life, with a powerful voice, will open the stage. The second stage is Sijo Chang(Song of traditional three-verse Korean poem), a music genre enjoyed among scholars and noblemen in the Joseon Dynasty period. Pyeong Sijo(Normal Korean Verse) Dongchangi consists of three elements of music, presenting the neat beauty of traditional poem. The third stage is Baekgusa, one of twelve existing Gasa(Narrative Song), stunning at the beauty of nature. Next, Seo-do Folk Songs Monggeumjpo Taryeong, Haeju Arirang and Sasul Nanbongga, which were famous across Hwanghae-do and Pyeongan-do provinces, will follow. Taepyeongga(Song of Peace) of Gagok, a lyric song cycle accompanied by a relaxed tempo of the orchestra, will close the stage. Today’s performance will provide an opportunity to hear various genres of folk songs in the voice of Suja Lee, a National Intangible Cultural Asset. Time to learn about Chu-imsae, folk song, and Sijo, is also prepared.

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