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Anxiety 2019

  Jeong-ga has been recreated and performed in an urban regeneration space. It allowed the audience to feel the concepts of time and history, along with the traces of people.

  Regular subjects in music such as love, partings and longings are regarded as byproducts of human insecurity. On this, Anxiety presented a recreation of music into jeong-ga (Right Song), the music of the ruling noblemen of Joseon. Despite the thrill, nervousness and loneliness of performers of Gayageum, accordion, percussion and Jeongga, the recital delivers a message that even those are the pure beauty of it.


1. Bunch of yellow

2. Du-geo2019

3. Pyeong-geo2019

4. Sang-sa-byeol-gog2019

5. Geong-gon-ga 2019

6. When she decided to die

7. Pyeong-nong 2019

8. A song for us

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