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Impromptu music experiment 2017

2017 Space Seo-ro / Byeolnansolipan (10-11 January)

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Impromptu music experiment

A-Leumlee's Jeong-ga

2017 Rising Gugak Experiment Stage

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The performers seek harmony with the musical techniques they instantly come up with as reading the symbols. It transcends the conventional concept of music. 

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The unpredictable 60 minutes usher the audiences to the climax. The competent performers show off their own unique musical techniques and lead the improvisational music experiment.

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Ga-gok-won-ryu from 1876 is a collection of song lyrics. Next to the lyrics are musical symbols unique to Gugak, Korean traditional music.

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The performers of various instruments - flute, contrabass, keyboard, cartoon drawing and Jeongga – carry out an experiment with their own musical skills for 60 minutes, playing by ear without a single music score.

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Seochon Space Seo-ro, Seoul

2017. 1. 10 ~ 1. 11

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